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Florist holding a bouquet of flowers.

what it means to become a


Join the MCFA and become part of the movement to expand local flowers across Montana.


Membership includes educational articles, an equipment resource guide, grower to grower networking, advocacy for favorable farm regulations, marketing and find-ability of your farm on our Flower Map and grant education. Grower and Aspiring Grower Level's are for Montana based growers only.

Grower Level
  • Must be a current cut flower producer

  • Full access to all resources

  • Voting member of the association

Partner Level
  • Related agribusiness person, support staff and professional representatives, or research/educational institution members (Example: florists, flower shops, wholesalers, compost suppliers, nurseries, Department of Ag affiliates, etc.)

  • Full access to all resources

  • Non-voting members of the association

Aspiring Grower Level
  • First-time member who may not yet be a grower or producer

  • Allows for connections to educational opportunities and resources for new flower growers

  • Non-voting members of the association

  • Term: up to two years.

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